Sportclinics at SportsSpeakers

A sports clinic led by a top athlete. It is the sportive way to work on teambuilding, to improve your cooperation and to come to new insights. This way, you will boost your coaching and leadership skills with a clinic of the Netherlands most famous coach; Guus van Hiddink. You will learn to work together even better during a football training by John Heitinga and you will learn to push your boundaries under the guidance of famous speedskater Sven Kramer.

At SportsSpeakers, we do not only have to most speakers from the professional sports world, we also have to biggest selection of sports clinics! From rugby clincs to sailing clinics and boxing clinics to football clinics: we have the perfect clinic for every goal.

Are you looking for a motivational presentation or host by one of our experienced speakers? Contact us! With our biggest selection of SportsSpeakers, we will always find the right fit for your company or event.

Clinics that SportsSpeakers offers are: rugby clinics, cycling clinics, running clinics, hockey clinics, climbing clinics, ice-skating clinics, sports commentary clinics, tennis clinics, football clinics, volleyball clinics, swimming clinics, sailing clinics, boxing clinics, baseball clinics, fencing clinics, judo clinics and tons of others.

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