Yvette Broch

Yvette Broch

Former handball international

About Yvette Broch

Yvette Broch is one of the most successful Dutch handball players ever. Together with the Dutch National team, she won a silver medal at the WC 2015 and a silver medal at the EC 2016. They made it into the semifinals during the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Yvette Broch twice won the Champions League with her club Györi ETO KC. At the top of her career and with the Olympic games of 2020 coming, she decided to end her career in the summer of 2018. She had passed her own boundaries, physically and mentally she was exhausted. She started a very confronting, but beautiful process.


‘There is no road to happiness, happiness is the road’

Why Yvette Broch Book as a speaker ?

Yvette Broch both provides presentations and handball clinics. She loves to share her impressive and personal story about playing an EC, WC, Olympic games and twice winning the Champions League. Willing to perform, setting your boundaries and expending your consciousness are subjects are covered.


Yvette Broch is a former handball player, family person and from time to time she works as a model. At the age of eleven, she started to play handball. Quintus was the first club where she competed as a junior and already won her first prizes. Her drive to perform is born there. In 2006 she has been asked for the Dutch Youth National team. Yvette impressed one and other and she got known as a huge talent. This slightly changed when Yvette had been selected for Holland’s Next Top Model in 2008. She accepted this challenge and she stopped playing handball. She became second and she gained valuable experience. After one and a half year, she decided to fully focus on playing handball again and that brought success. In 2010 her international adventure started. She signed at Alcobendas in Madrid. One year later she made a transfer to Metz in France. She played here for four years and won the National title, the French Cup and made her debut in the Champions League. That got a taste for more, because only competing was not what Yvette strived for. She did everything to accomplish her dreams. Therefore, she made the decision to make a transfer to Gyori ETO in Hungary. A club who is known as the top of the international handball. In 2017 Yvette achieved her dream. In 2016 she lost the final of the Champions League, but in 2017 she won the final after the extra time. In 2018 she also won the Champions League with Gyori and she had been chosen as the best ‘circle’ of the world. With the Dutch national team, she won a silver medal at the World Championships in 2015 and they went to the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, where the made it into the semifinals in the summer of 2016. In that same year she won a silver medal at the European Championships and in 2017 she won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Sweden. These successful years were amazing, but they as well asked lot physically and mentally. Besides the high pressure of Topsport, she also pushed her own boundaries to far. All those years were dedicated to winning the Champions League in 2018, but after winning the title all that was left was an empty feeling. In 2018 she decided to give herself some physical rest and she got conscious about the fact that she went way to far. Yvette’s body was exhausted! She could not close her eyes for this situation, and she decided to start her process. Where did that drive to perform come from? Why did she ask that from herself? By opening up and showing her vulnerabilities, she got the answers to these questions. She is happy to share her inspiring and impressive process.

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