Wilco van Rooijen

Wilco van Rooijen

Expedition leader, adventurer and mountaineer

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About Wilco van Rooijen

Wilco van Rooijen has many highs and lows as an adventurer. He climbed the Mount Everest and the K2 but also lost friends and colleagues during expeditions. Wilco’s enormous passion for nature has led to his latest sustainable project: Mission ‘South Pole, Solar Powered’.

A valley can take a long time but it is never infinite

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Wilco van Rooijen can be hired for workshops and presentations supported by breathtaking photo and visual material. With his years of experience as an adventurer, mountaineer and expedition leader, Wilco can control every situation. Wilco helps you and your company with his presentation to the top! Wilco van Rooijen also speaks with passion about innovation and sustainability. Why are innovations so important? From his own experience he speaks about electric cars, heat pumps, solar boilers and solar panels. His inspiration is nature. Let yourself be inspired by his authentic, personal stories.

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Everyone was very impressed and it was a nice start of our team day. We were able to apply a lot of what he said in our sales environment, which appealed to us enormously.



Wilco van Rooijen is one of the few adventurers in the Netherlands. He climbed the highest peaks of the world and crossed Africa and Australia. Mountaineering is his profession but he was also the first Dutchman to conquer all three poles. As the only climber still alive, he reached the peaks of the geographical North and South Pole and climbed the highest pole, Mount Everest, without extra oxygen! He also climbed the '7 summits' (the highest peak on each of the 7 world continents) as the first Dutchman 'by fair means'. In 2008, however, he climbed the infamous K2 on the descent. Wilco van Rooijen has published a number of books and documentaries about his adventurous expeditions. By now, Wilco van Rooijen has so many anecdotes on hand that it takes no effort at all to create a tailor-made presentation. A lecture or training can be as interactive as you wish. It is not a one-way traffic of beautiful images or a monologue with impressive stories, but an inspired dialogue by an inspiring storyteller who has both feet firmly on the ground.

Wilco van Rooijen is very capable of translating his impressive story into a business strategy, a business plan, or a sales technique. Because doing business today is also a fascinating adventure. The distinction between one company and another is no longer as sharp and clear as it used to be, and target groups also seem to be behaving ever more erratically. The environment changes rapidly and the team with which you would like to achieve your goals does not always remain intact. Wilco's latest expedition is 'Solar South?. In this expedition, Team Wilco will be the first person ever to drive up and down to the South Pole in a self-built car powered by solar energy. The goal of this mission is to inspire 'The Next Generation' to use Clean Tech solutions to make the world a smarter place.

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