Radmilo Soda

Radmilo Soda

Personal trainer, lifestyle coach, former athlete and author

The strength of this speaker
  • Vitality
  • Motivation
  • Perseverance

About Radmilo Soda

Radmilo Soda is one of the best known personal trainers in the Netherlands. His personal training studio Soda Bodyfit, opened in March 2010, is one of the first personal training studios in Amsterdam. With this, Radmilo started a revolution in the field of personal training. He is also known from the television program Obese and recently Boxing Stars. Radmilo, as a former top athlete (boxing), is still an enthusiastic athlete and has run no less than 25 marathons, four half triathlons and the Ironman in Barcelona in 2016. In 2014 he published his first book Echt Radmilo (Real Radmilo) on how we can become better and fitter through sport. In total Radmilo has three books on training and lifestyle to his name (Echt Radmilo in 2014, MOMS in 2016 and Seniority in 2019).

Repetition is the mother of all skills. Because if you want to get better, you have to practice.

Why Radmilo Soda Book as a speaker ?

Radmilo can be used for giving a lecture/presentation or for an interactive workout. In his lectures he talks about nutrition, training, lifestyle, stress and burnout, teambuilding and personal leadership. His workouts are a combination of boxing, fitness training and when possible teambuilding assignments. With his years of experience and enthusiasm Radmilo is a very experienced speaker and coach.


Radmilo Soda was born in Croatia in 1972 and moved to the Netherlands at the age of sixteen. While earning his money as a cook, he became increasingly gripped by the noble art of self-defence: boxing. It wasn't long before the famous Albert Cuyp team noticed his talent. He made it to the Dutch amateur champion and became a professional boxer, culminating in his world title fight in Prague. After his top sports career he chose to use his passion, knowledge and experience for others, mainly as a personal trainer in his own studio. Every individual is different and that's why Radmilo searches together for a balanced lifestyle that suits the person. Radmilo knows that energy is an important factor in our lives and the source of many things since our birth. This energy changes in the different periods of our lives. By always keeping our energy on the right track, through healthy food and exercise, we can get the best out of everything we do in life. On this basis he bases his life/energy circle which is central during his presentation. Besides personal trainer Radmilo is also ambassador for Matrix Fitness, trainer at Fitchannel and teacher within his self-developed personal trainers training.

An impression of this speaker


  • Opening Soda Bodyfit Studio 2010
  • Personal Coach in Obese 2011
  • Coach in Boxing Stars 2018

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