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Peter Heerschop

Actor, comedian and columnist

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About Peter Heerschop

Peter Heerschop is a Dutch cabaret artist, program maker, actor, and writer. As a much-loved Dutchman, Peter Heerschop was active in programs such as ‘Ik hou van Holland’ (I love Holland), ‘De vrienden van Van Swieten (The Friends of Van Swieten), ‘Volgende week’ (Next week) and cabaret group NUHR. Every Friday Peter Heerschop presented ‘Lieve Marianne’ at Radio 538. Peter also has a passion for education and has received his education at the ALO.

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At the end of the eighties, Joep van Deudekom and Viggo Waas founded the cabaret group NUHR, which is still very successful these days. Peter Heerschop is available for giving lectures, panel discussions, interviews and as a host for your event. Because of his humor and sharp comments, Peter Heerschop knows how to make every event a success.

Perfect fit: education and Peter Heerschop!

Peter is a man with a big teaching heart. In combination with a large dose of humor and powers of observation, he provides recognition and connection. Very inspiring, thank you!



Peter Heerschop graduated from the Academy for Physical Education after which Peter taught gymnastics for fourteen years. Peter founded NUHR together with Joep van Deudekom, Viggo Waas and Eddie B. Wahr at the end of the eighties. With NUHR, Peter reached the final of Camaretten in 1987, without any preparation. After that, the NUHR was often seen on the TV show 'Kopspijkers' where the gentlemen cast a satirical glance on current affairs in society.

Since 2002 Peter has been providing a weekly overview every Friday morning called 'Lieve Marianne' in Edwin Evers' radio show 'Evers Staat Op'. Since 2002 Peter Heerschop has also been present as a comedian and journalist for Radio 538 and the KNVB at all the European Football Championships and the World Cup, as well as all the Summer and Winter Olympics. In 2002, the TV series 'De familie van der Ploeg' started with Peter Heerschop as 'Broertje van der Ploeg'. This Dutch VPRO children's program was awarded the CineKid Audience Award in 2003. In 2003 Peter Heerschop started, together with Raoul Heertje and Viggo Waas, the program 'De Vrienden van Van Swieten' (The Friends of Van Swieten). In 'De vrienden van Van Swieten' a clear picture is given of the current state of affairs in the world of sports. In 2006 Peter Heerschop made his theatre director's debut with the play 'Het Goede Lichaam' (The Good Body). In 2007 Peter Heerschop published the book 'Lieve Marianne', a selection of collected columns that Peter presented. In 2008 and 2009 Peter presented, together with his good friend Viggo Waas, the 'Gala van de Nederlandse Film', where the Golden Calves were awarded. Currently, Peter Heerschop once again gives gymnastics lessons a number of evenings a week to the excellent students of the ALO. Peter Heerschop was also recently featured in the TV show 'Mannen van een zekere Leeftijd' (Men of a certain age) and is again in the theatre with Viggo Waas and Joep van Deudekom. From January 2015 Peter and Viggo make the programme 'De Hollandse School' in which he shows his love for football. In addition, Peter was also featured in the KPN program '24 hours with'.

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