Nicolien Sauerbreij

Nicolien Sauerbreij

Olympic snowboarding champion

About Nicolien Sauerbreij

At the Olympics of 2010 in Vancouver, Nicolien Sauerbreij became Olympic Champion at the Giant Slalom (snowboarding). The Golden medal of Nicolien was the 100th gold medal for the Netherlands in the history of the Olympic Games. In February 2015, Nicolien ended her long and impressive career. She started her social career with a job by Randstad and completed her studies to become a sports masseur.

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Nicolien can be hired for presentations, interviews and clinics. During her presentations she speaks with passion about the 'road to gold'. Nicolien is also frank about her setbacks and perseverance and she likes to talk about how she dealt with them.

An energetic woman with passion!

Nicolien talks very passionately and full of energy about her career. Perseverance, setting goals, not giving up and dealing with disappointments are some of the topics that come up. Her energy works its way through the whole room!



For more than ten years Nicolien Sauerbreij has been at the world top of Alpine Snowboarding. She has been part of the World Cup circuit since she was 18 years old. After a number of good years (2001-2003), in which she became second in the final ranking at the WorldCup, there were also less years. In these years Nicolien suffered with a heavy back injury. After a complete recovery in the summer of 2006, and being able to play sports without restrictions and pain again, Nicolien seems to make a comeback to the world top.

At the World Cup in January 2007 she became fourth and after years of absence at the top she became also second in the intermediate classification of the WorldCup.


Nicolien Sauerbreij is a passionate sportswoman, who leads a professional life at the service of the sport. The highlight of her career took place in Vancouver. At the 2010 Olympics she won Gold at the slalom! With this she won the 100th Gold medal for the Netherlands in history. In February 2015 Nicolien ended her long and impressive career. After her active career, Nicolien started working at Randstad where she guides people with mental and physical disabilities to a workplace, where she worked until 1 May 2016. Subsequently, she decided to start a company in sports massages together with her sister. In addition, Nicolien is an analyst for e.g. Eurosport during various ski and snowboard competitions.

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