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Mark Tuitert

Olympic champion skating

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About Mark Tuitert

Mark Tuitert was known as the greatest skating talent in the world, but crashes, illness, and personal struggles prevented a glorious road to the top. After winning Olympic gold in Vancouver and participating in the 2014 Sochi Games, Mark decided to develop his talents in other areas. For example, he was a host at the Holland Heineken House during the Olympic Games in South Korea, he is a trainer at FitChannel and, after completing a course in “Sport, Business and Leadership”, he fully devoted himself to entrepreneurship. In his presentation, he makes a clear link between top sport and entrepreneurship by highlighting themes such as teamwork, leadership, efficient work, personal leadership, and dealing with setbacks.

“Without fight no victory!”

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Mark Tuitert has an inspiring story that he tells with sincerity. Moreover, he can make a clear connection between top sport and entrepreneurship like no other. The former skater is full of energy and this is certainly noticeable during his presentations and clinics. How do you get the best out of yourself? Mark Tuitert gives tips & tricks that triggers you to realize your goals and dreams. He does not shy away from personal issues. The top sport, the divorce between his parents and the difficult relationship with his father that followed: these are subjects from which Mark himself learned his lessons. In addition to presentations, Mark can be used for clinics that can serve various purposes. With the help of his experience as a FitChannel trainer, he will teach you everything about vitality and pushing the boundaries. What does your ideal preparation look like? How do you keep emotions under control? Once again a clear link can be found between top sport and business. A clinic with Mark offers many possibilities: from training sessions using psychological models and an extensive analysis to training on skates, the workshop can be fully adapted to your wishes!

It was a top session!

With his personal story Mark has inspired our employees about craftsmanship, vitality and change capacity. He did that with great enthusiasm! There is speed in his story, humor and yes, we also skated!”



At a young age, Mark Tuitert switched from rollerblading to speed skating and specialized in short and medium distances. He was known as the greatest skating talent in the world, but crashes, illness, and personal struggles prevented him from making maximum use of that talent. This gave him the opportunity to use his talents in other areas. After skating at the world top for fifteen years and having won many major tournaments, with Olympic Gold at the height of 1,500 meters in 2010, after a period of brave choices and determination after participating in the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, the curtain fell. However, after his career as a professional athlete, Mark Tuitert was determined to reach the top in the social field as well.

His skating sport expertise came in handy during work as a host at among other things, the KPN Club House during the Rio Olympics, and the Holland Heineken House in PyeongChang during the 2018 Olympic Games. In addition, he completed the Sport, Business, and Leadership training in 2016 at the University of Nyenrode and fully focused on entrepreneurship. As a trainer, Mark started working at FitChannel. In addition, he founded the chewing gum brand FIRST Energy Gym together with partner Michael and Wim. This is how Marks' passion for vitality is expressed. This chewing gum contains green caffeine and therefore provides new fast-acting healthy energy.

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