Lucia Rijker

Lucia Rijker

Former boxer and actress

The strength of this speaker
  • Leadership
  • Talent development
  • Energetic

About Lucia Rijker

Lucia Rijker, known to the general public from the film ‘Million Dollar Baby’, is multiple world champion boxing and kickboxing. In her impressive career, she is unbeaten as a boxer and kick boxer. In addition, she is known for the TV program “Dream School” in which she tries to inspire school-leavers again to develop themselves.

Why Lucia Rijker Book as a speaker ?

In her presentations Lucia Rijker motivates and inspires in an energetic, creative and spiritual way. She also provides various tools to focus better, deal with setbacks and achieve goals. Besides that, a boxing clinic from Lucia Rijker is also definitely recommended


Lucia Rijker has been World Boxing and Kickboxing Champion. At the age of fifteen, Lucia started kickboxing, in which she eventually won four different world titles. Then she shifted her focus to regular boxing in which she won two world titles. For more than 23 years, the life of Lucia has been dominated by martial arts. During this time she has won all her boxing matches. The only time she lost was a demonstration game against a man. In addition to Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods, Lucia Rijker was nominated for the 'toughest Athlete of America'. In addition to her boxing career, Lucia also made a career as an actress. She played in the documentary 'Shadow Boxers', the movie 'Rollerball' and the television series JAG and the L Word.


As trainer/coach she was seen in the program ‘Veronica’s Fightmasters’. The highlight of her acting career is as yet her role in director Clint Eastwood's highly acclaimed film 'Million Dollar Baby'. The film has won 4 Oscars. In addition to her own role, Lucia Rijker was also a technical advisor and trained lead actress Hilary Swank. Lucia Rijker has been a Buddhist for more than 12 years now. She is graduated with honors from 'The University of Living Life'. In February 2017, Lucia was seen as a coach in the TV program 'Dream School' in which she tries to inspire school-leavers to develop themselves.

An impression of this speaker


  • Fourfold kickboxing world champion
  • Two-time boxing world champion
  • Undefeated in her boxing and kickboxing career, record 54-0-0

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