Kim Lammers

Kim Lammers

Olympic Champion hockey

The strength of this speaker
  • Teamplayer
  • Energetic
  • Perseverance

About Kim Lammers

Since 2002 Kim Lammers was part of the Dutch hockey team, where she became an Olympic Champion. After her top sports career ended in 2014, Kim Lammers started as director of the Ronald McDonald Centre. She decided to quit this position in 2015 and now focuses entirely on her own company.

Every loss can be absorbed if everyone does their best a little bit better

Why Kim Lammers Book as a speaker ?

Kim is a real team player and winner. She always wants to get the best out of herself and the people around her. Her mission in life is to get people moving in the broadest sense of the word. Alone you go faster, but together you move forward. Kim knows better than anyone how much she needs the people around her to become better as an individual and as a team and to achieve the most together. Kim knows how to grab the attention with her enthusiasm, drive and passion. In an insanely inspiring presentation, she knows how to convey this to her listeners. She drags you into a convincing argument on how you can get more out of yourself and how you can help the group process and motivate the best people for your business.


Kim Lammers knows that perseverance, where others stop, makes all the difference. Since 2002 Kim Lammers was part of the Dutch National Hockey team. During her hockey career she experienced highs and lows. With her heavy knee injury just before the Beijing Olympics in 2008 as the ultimate low point. Kim was able to fight back without feeling supported by the national coach and eventually took a gold medal with her team at the London Olympics in 2012. In total, she played 200 international games and scored 124 goals for the Dutch Team. She also became World Champion with the Dutch national team in 2006 and 2014. During the World Cup in The Hague, her goal was awarded as the most beautiful of the tournament. In 2007 and 2012, she became topscorer in the Dutch big league. Kim is a loyal person, she played 18 years for her club Laren. Kim was not the greatest talent of her generation, but her extreme perseverance made her one of the best strikers in the world based on work spirit. After her hockey career Kim started as director of the Ronald McDonald Centre (sports centre for children with disabilities) in Amsterdam. After 1 year Kim decided to quit this challenging job and focus on her own business.

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  • European champion 2003 – Spain, 2005 – Ireland, 2009 – Netherlands, 2011 – Germany
  • World champion 2006 - Spain, 2014 - Netherlands
  • Olympic champion 2012 - London

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