Joseph Oubelkas

Joseph Oubelkas

Author "400 letters from my mother" and "Health love freedom

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December 23, 2004, the day that Joseph Oubelkas will never forget. Joseph is wrongfully arrested during a business trip in Morocco and sentenced to ten years in prison. A true nightmare, which has had a major impact on his life. As a speaker, Joseph inspires with his story.

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Joseph Oubelkas can be used for lectures and presentations. Joseph talks in an inspiring way about themes such as leadership, dealing with setbacks, perseverance, dealing with changes and keeping a positive outlook on life. How sports helped him survive in prison. He also tells how he resumed his life after his imprisonment.

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Joseph Oubelkas was born on September 10, 1980 in Raamsdonkveer, where he lived all his childhood. After obtaining his HAVO diploma, he went to study Higher Informatics in Breda. He graduated four years later, making him one of the youngest IT engineers in the Netherlands. After several years of experience in business, Joseph started his own IT company. In 2004 Joseph goes on a business trip to Morocco, a trip that turns everything upside down. Joseph was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison without any evidence. In the prisons where Joseph stayed, he experiences most horrifying things. Sport helped Joseph survive, it became part of his life. Joseph not only worked out to survive, he also felt physically and mentally fitter and also helped his fellow prisoners by guiding them during exercise. From the Netherlands, Joseph received magazines about health and sports, from which he drew inspiration and motivation. Without a preconceived plan, Joseph Oubelkas bonded with his inmates with sports lessons. "I trained the big guys with tattoos, who became wimps under my rule." Sport helped, but his greatest support was his mother's hundreds of letters, all with positive words. The Dutch Government, meanwhile, made every effort to release Joseph, and he was finally released in 2009, 4.5 years later. After his release, Joseph started traveling for the first few months. When he came back, Joseph wanted to do something with his mother's letters, record it, to inspire others. He bundled these letters, and his experiences, in the book '400 letters from my mother'. Since the publication of his book, Joseph has been giving presentations and lectures about his experiences in prison and the lessons he learned from them.

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