John van Zweden

John van Zweden

Former co-owner Swansea City and independent entrepreneur

The strength of this speaker
  • Humor
  • Doing business
  • Energetic

About John van Zweden

John van Zweden was co-owner of the Swansea City football team until 2016. Swansea City has risen from the lowest department of paid football in England to the Premier League. Besides being co-owner of Swansea City and owner of the largest wallpaper- and home furnishing store in the Netherlands, John has three different companies. With his presentations he inspires like no other about “entrepreneurship” with his typical humour.

“Always believe in yourself and live your own dream!”

Why John van Zweden Book as a speaker ?

In his presentation, John van Zweden talks about his first visit to Swansea City, the club that he later co-owned. He also talks about what is involved in running a football club and about his love for the city of The Hague. In his presentations John also deals with topics such as leadership and how to deal with stress. The wallpaper king has experience with managing three different companies simultaneously. An important question was: "How do I divide my attention?" With his down-to-earth view of various things, John is the ideal speaker at your event.

Highly recommended for everyone

'John of Sweden knows how to captivate an audience, even if they're not football fans. That's special!' - Second Opinion


In 2002 John van Zweden, together with a number of local supporters, rescued the Swansea City football club by buying out the owner. From that moment on, the football club from Wales has risen from the bottom position in the lowest-paid football division to the Premier League. In the first season 2012-2013, Swansea City played with refreshing football in the top of the Premier League. They won the League Cup in the 2012-2013 season, which allowed them to play in the Europa League in the 2013-2014 season. In addition to co-ownership of Swansea City, he took over the paint and wallpaper store from his father at the age of 20 and developed it into the largest wallpaper and home furnishing store in the Netherlands. It has earned him national fame as 'the wallpaper king'. Besides that, John also has an advertising company, where billboards are made, textiles are printed, and car lettering is carried out. His biography 'Wallpaper King in the Premier League' was published in October 2013, describing the eventful life of John van Zweden. In 2016 he sold his shares to an American investment company. John remains involved with the club and still goes to England every home match.

An impression of this speaker


  • Owner of largest wallpaper and home furnishings store in the Netherlands 1982 - present
  • Co-owner Swansea City 2002 - 2016
  • Launch biography 'Wallpaper King in the Premier League' 2013

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