Jeroen Otter

Jeroen Otter

Federal coach of the Dutch shorttrack(st)ers.

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About Jeroen Otter

Short tracker Jeroen Otter became World Champion on the relay four times with the Dutch men’s team at the end of the eighties. In the spring of 2010, he was appointed by the KNSB as the national coach of the Dutch short trackers, with immediate success in the first season. For the first time in ages, the team under his leadership wins medals at the World Championships and in World Cup matches. At the most recent Olympic Games, the Dutch team even won four medals.

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With his experience as both top athlete and coach, Jeroen Otter can tell like no other about achieving goals, dealing with setbacks, and working in a team. He knows as one of the best how to motivate a team and what circumstances are needed to make a team function where innovation is central. Mario Andretti's adage is written all over Otter: If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough. Jeroen can also be deployed in a duo presentation together with Yara van Kerkhof.


After his active sports career, Jeroen Otter leaves for the United States with only one assignment from the American federation: relay medals for the USA with both ladies and gentlemen. In the end, the new coach leaves the Lillehamar Olympics with gold, silver, and twice bronze. In total, Otter worked six years in the USA and three years in Canada as a coach. In 2010, he was appointed by the KNSB as a national coach of the Dutch short trackers. In the following seasons, the Netherlands becomes a leader in Europe and soon the battle on the global stage follows. Sjinkie Knegt wins, during the Sochi Games 2014, the first Olympic medal for the Netherlands. Jorien ter Mors, on the other hand, manages to surprise everyone in Sochi by winning gold twice on the long track as a short track star. Many successes at European Championships, World Championships, and World Cup competitions follow. In 2015 Knegt wins the World Allround Championship. During the PyeongChang Games, the Otter team manages to win six medals. The historic gold for Suzanne Schulting and Jorien ter Mors, silver for Sjinkie Knegt, Yara van Kerkhof and the Dutch affiliated American Krueger. The ladies surprise friend and foe by riding a world record in the B-final relay and eventually win the bronze medal. Jorien ter Mors also writes history to be the first athlete to win an Olympic medal in two different disciplines.

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