Gerard Kemkers

Gerard Kemkers

Former ice skating coach, performance manager and consultant

About Gerard Kemkers

Gerard Kemkers is one of the most successful skating coaches in the Netherlands. He himself achieved Olympic success in 1988 by winning the bronze medal at the 5.000 meter.

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Gerard Kemkers presents in his characteristic way on topics such as talent development, coaching, team building and collaboration. Supported by visual material Gerard Kemkers tells his experiences about coaching and training the best skaters in the world. His vision is clear, his way of working unfathomable.

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Gerard Kemkers himself was a successful skater in the late 80s and early 90s. During the Olympic Games in Calgary in 1988 he managed to win a bronze medal on the 5.000 meters. Unfortunately he had to end his own skating career prematurely. After the Academy for Physical Education and four years of pioneering as a coach in America, Gerard Kemkers made the switch to the Netherlands where he joined the Kernploeg. In 2002 he started a new project. Sponsor TVM wanted to start a new skating team with the experienced Gerard Kemkers as coach. Soon he booked great successes with his skaters. Under his leadership Sven Kramer, Ireen Wüst and Koen Verweij, among others, have grown into great champions (European, World and Olympic). Gerard Kemkers is a coach who knows how to get the most out of his team. As a coach, Gerard Kemkers is characterized by his passion and drive. He leaves nothing to chance. Although Kemkers has gathered a 20-man coaching staff around him at TVM, he still keeps control right down to the last details. The setbacks he faced in his own skating career have shaped him into what he has become, one of the best coaches in the world. Subsequently, Gerard was performance manager of the top sports care center at FC Groningen and he is an advisor to the skating team Team Here, Gerard Kemkers was reunited with Ireen Wüst with whom he had many great successes in his period as a skating coach at TVM. After his farewell at FC Groningen, Gerard came into contact with investment company Infestos. On 1 August 2018 it was announced that Infestos will start a skating team of which Ireen Wüst, Esmee Visser, Lotte van Beek and Marcel Bosker are part. The intention is that the project will focus on sustainable talent development in sports and business. Gerard will work on behalf of Infestos to focus on the further concretization of the talent program.

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