Foppe de Haan

Foppe de Haan

Soccer coach

About Foppe de Haan

Foppe de Haan led Heerenveen to placement for the Champions League and the Dutch Junior Team to two European Championship titles. Foppe is authentic in his way of working and in his presentations. Foppe talks about his role as coach in the presentation: ‘From a pat on the back, no one gets an injury’.


You don't get an injury from a pat on the back

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When Foppe de Haan speaks, everyone is quiet. With his stories about his work with SC Heerenveen, Jong Oranje and Ajax Cape Town he knows how to captivate everyone. Disarming, down-to-earth, putting things into perspective and with a touch of Frisian humour Foppe de Haan tells his vision about working together, team building, performance and motivation.

Foppe the Rooster is a real connector!

Foppe de Haan; a sincere, inspiring story that everyone recognizes and fascinates. A man with a sober, honest and clear view on things. He knows how to make the connection, but above all with a sense of humour, between football and our work.



Foppe de Haan was the coach of SC Heerenveen for many years. From 1985 to 2004 he was responsible for the policy at the Frisian club together with Riemer van der Velde. Foppe de Haan took the club under his wing to the top of Dutch football. From the first division Foppe de Haan promoted with SC Heerenveen to the premier league. In recent years under his leadership, the Frisian club was always at the sub top. Up to two times SC Heerenveen made it to the finals of the Dutch Cup and in 2000 they qualified for the Champions League. An absolute highlight in the history of SC Heerenveen. After 20 years of working in Heerenveen, Foppe de Haan was ready for a new challenge. At the KNVB, he was appointed as national coach of the Dutch Junior Team. In his first tournament as coach (World Championship under 20 in his own country), Foppe de Haan was eliminated in the quarter-finals. Successes followed in 2006 and 2007. Both years, Foppe de Haan became European Champion with the Dutch Junior Team. From a group of young talents with different (cultural) backgrounds, he managed to forge a winning team. After his successes with the Dutch Junior Team, he briefly returned to SC Heerenveen and then worked for two years at Ajax Cape Town. In 2010-2011, he missed the championship with the satellite club of Ajax. Foppe de Haan is closely involved with the Foppe Fund, which is dedicated to children for whom playing sports is not self-evident because of their physical or mental disability, or the financial circumstances of their parents. As of mid-October 2015, Foppe took over the tasks of Dwight Lodeweges at SC Heerenveen and did so until the summer of 2016. From the beginning of 2017, Foppe became assistant coach of the Dutch women's football team. The Dutch women's team surprisingly won the European Football Championship in their own country.

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