Erben Wennemars

Erben Wennemars

Multiple World Skating Champion and Analyst

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About Erben Wennemars

Erben Wennemars is without a doubt the most enthusiastic skater the Netherlands has known. In his impressive skating career, Erben became world sprint champion twice and won bronze at the Turin Olympic Games. These days, Erben is committed to the Youth Sports Fund with equal enthusiasm. He is also a consultant in sports marketing, trainer and coach for young skating talent, columnist for the newspaper, analyst at NOS, radio presenter for Nieuws BV, frequent participant in running events and motivational speaker for almost every kind of audience.

“The essence of top sport is to color outside the lines. Then you are on the way to where others have not yet been."

Why Erben Wennemars Book as a speaker ?

Erben Wennemars is enthusiastic, driven and ambitious. In his presentations he talks about his career, literally from trial to trial. Central to this are themes such as personal development, passion, intrinsic motivation and pushing boundaries.

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Presentation of Erben Wennemars was a great success!

Erben Wennemars is a driven and enthusiastic speaker who makes good contact with the audience. Erben did a presentation without PowerPoint. We found this very good. As a result, people were not distracted by pictures and videos and the presentation remained fluid and the contact with the room remained good. It is nice to hear Erben speak about his passion and the links he makes with our sector.”



Erben Wennemars is a real sprinter. He prefers to do everything as quickly as possible. His enthusiasm and passion were always clearly visible on the ice. His form, so characteristic, powerful, impatient and aggravated. His will to win was clearly visible. Erben Wennemars has dominated the short distances for years. Since 1998 he belonged to the absolute top. Together with Jan Bos, he was the trump card at the Olympic Games in Nagano that same year. Erben achieved his first major international success in 2003. He became World Champion at 1,000 and 1,500 meters and a year later he became World Sprint Champion. In 2004, he was honored with the title "Sportsman of the Year" for his achievements. In 2005 he became World Sprint Champion again. In 2006 he won individual Olympic bronze in the 1,000 meters and in the team pursuit with Kramer, Verheijen, Ritsma and Tuitert. After his active skating career, Erben was regularly approached to work for various "charities." That quickly became chaotic. Erben wanted to do good things himself. And so he came up with Erbens Natuurijs. A delicious organic yogurt ice cream that was sold for a year in the Albert Heijn, the proceeds of which went to a youth sports foundation. He is also an ambassador for the Meeùs Runclub. Erben has now become the regular face at the NOS Studio Sport broadcast for skating competitions. In addition, he can be heard every Monday afternoon in the sports block at De Nieuws BV on NPO radio 1. In the summer of 2014 on De Parade and in May 2015 in De Kleine Komedie, he was shown in the theater program 'Sport monologues' in which he told his personal story in fifteen minutes. In September 2015, Erben Wennemars received the Major Bosshardt Prize for his work for the Youth Sports Fund. During the Olympic Games in Rio, Erben had a daily section in the Studio Olympic Parc program, in which he showed what he was surprised at during the Olympic Games.

An impression of this speaker


  • Multiple World Champion distances 2003 & 2004
  • Two-time World Champion sprint 2004 & 2005
  • Two-time winner Olympic Bronze 2006

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