Bas Nijhuis

Bas Nijhuis

Referee Paid Football and entrepreneur

About Bas Nijhuis

Born in the far east of the Netherlands, Bas Nijhuis started officiating amateur games when he was only 15 years old. He officiated his first professional football match in 2005. He quickly became one of the top referees in the Netherlands. Bas started officiating Champions League matches in 2011. Together with Dutch referee Björn Kuipers, Bas is a member of the Elite Group of the UEFA, a group in which the UEFA places only the best referees. Besides being a referee, Bas is also an entrepreneur. Bas is the proud owner of two successful bakeries after already owning his own butcher shop.

Why Bas Nijhuis Book as a speaker ?

Bas Nijhuis can be used for interactive presentations in which he shows video images of the matches he officiated. How hard is it to officiate a match? How do you communicate with your assistants? What is his opinion about the recent developments in terms of communication in the referee world. All of these subjects will be brought to your attention. In addition to his role as an referee, he also plays a part in matters that an entrepreneur has to deal with.

Bas Nijhuis had everyone's attention throughout his presentation!

Bas had the attention of football lovers, but also of those who do not know football, men, women, young and old; from the first to the last moment. In his dynamic, engaging, instructive and humorous interactive presentation we were taken into the world of football, media and marketing.



Bas Nijhuis was born on January 12, 1997 in Enschede. At a young age, Bas already showed that he had quite the talent as a referee. When he was only fifteen years old, Bas started officiating official matches and his talent clearly showed. At the age of 28, he officiated his first official match in professional football. On October 18 in 2011, Bas Nijhuis made his debut in the Champions League with the game Olympiakos – Borussia Dortmund. From this point onwards, Bas started getting the top matches in The Netherlands. In July 2015, he got promoted to the Elite Group of the UEFA. Together with Björn Kuipers, they are the only two Dutch referees who are active in this group.

Besides being a referee, Bas Nijhuis is also an entrepreneur. After owning a butcher shop, Bas become the proud owner of two bakeries in 2013.

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