Arnold Vanderlyde

Arnold Vanderlyde

Triple Olympic medalist

About Arnold Vanderlyde

Arnold Vanderlyde won a bronze medal at three consecutive Olympic Games. This makes Arnold one of the most successful boxers of all time in the Netherlands. Interested in booking Arnold Vanderlyde as a speaker or to use him for an interactive lecture or workshop?

"As long as you're moving around, the chance of being hit is the smallest"

Why Arnold Vanderlyde Book as a speaker ?

During lectures and presentations Arnold Vanderlyde speaks about vitality, entrepreneurship, communication, setting goals and motivation. All of these themes are part of his workshop 'Fighting For Success'.

Thanks to Arnold's workshop we look back on a successful, sporty afternoon with a message.

Arnold shares his sportive and personal experiences in order to change the mindset of the group in an informal way.



The life of Arnold Vanderlyde has been entirely devoted to boxing for fifteen years. He managed to win a medal during three consecutive Olympic Games. A unique achievement for a Dutch boxer. In 1984 Arnold Vanderlyde surprised the entire boxing world during the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. He won bronze in the country where boxing has grown to become a major sport. He did this again in 1988 (Seoul) and 1992 (Barcelona). After the Barcelona Games, Arnold Vanderlyde went from the boxing ring to the business world. Since this moment he does presentations, lectures, motivational training, and clinics. Boxing is still the central theme. One of his programs is called 'Fighting For Success'. Fighting For Success' is a body and mind workshop for participants who are ready for a fresh (vital) wind. The participants discover the challenge of success, based on a clear vision. This happens in an (inter)active and inspiring way. The main starting point is action learning. Based on his own life history Arnold discusses the importance of sports and coaching. Arnold is characterized as warm, open and inspiring. Not exactly the image you have in mind for a boxer. He is being called a gentleman for a reason.

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