Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel

Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel

Organisational psychologist , Executive (team) coach in business & sports

About Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel

Coaching leaders, teams and organizations, to get the best out of themselves and each other, that is simply what Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel does. “Like sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race, we all work in a VUCA world that constantly challenges us to learn, develop, and change. A lot of helmsman skill was neccesary to do that in an agile, inspiring, and sustainable way. As an organizational psychologist, international business coach for executives and teams and as a sought-after speaker, Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel has many years of experience in the field of leadership, motivation, talent development, personal development, and high performing teams. As a team coach, she coached Team Brunel for the second time in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018. The Bouwe Bekking team flew her in at the 11 stopovers all around the world. Formed at the last minute, it was difficult for the team to get going. After a turn in Auckland midway through the race, the team found its form and the sailors created a quite a thrill as they climbed to a shared first place in the rankings. Bouwe Bekking calls her the “secret weapon” of his team. Anje-Marijcke was nominated for her role as Coach of the Year by the water sports association.


Anje-Marijcke is a psychologist and internationally certified coach. She hosts classes in business schools and master courses for leaders and coaches in the corporate world and in the KNVP UEFA PRO coach training, gives international masterclasses and lectures for leadership summits and conferences, coaches senior leaders, and upcoming talent in large corporates and certifies coaches.

 “It’s all about learning and growing, not about ego and knowing”


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'' Whether you are a top athlete in the most challenging sailing race in the world or you work in a more ordinary organization, ultimately you have to deal with the same things as in the rapidly changing VUCA world. As a formal leader, in personal leadership or in a team; continue to grow, also during the race, use diversity, deal with disappointments, trust in yourself and each other, create resilience and optimize performance. The Volvo Ocean Race is a pressure cooker and therefore a beautiful metaphor. Her passion lies in translating the latest scientific insights into the practice of leadership, team and organization development. Her stories inspire her to make those strokes.’’

Anje-Marijcke helps leaders, teams, and organizations navigate on the basis of her compass vision on learning, development and performance. She can flawlessly indicate where the tricks of the trade are, where there is potential, what the bottlenecks are and how you can tackle them. As a speaker, she does that interactively, with great inspiration and with beautiful images. With her, you walk out of the room with a full head, a full heart and urgency for change.

The ultimate sealing of the day

This was the ultimate end of a week full of courses in which the learnings came together with experiences within team Brunel, and application in our teams. We went home inspired. - Ahold



During her Psychology study, Anje-Marijcke is a study advisor at her faculty. After completing her studies, Anje-Marijcke started as a consultant in 1992 at Bouman & Van Spaendonck. After 4 years, she made the switch to the Schouten and Nelissen organization agency. She worked as a consultant and in-company leadership trainer, led colleagues, was part of the management team, and became Director of Coaching in 2004. She built the pool of business coaches, developed her compass vision, designed training courses and a master's program for leaders and coaches. In that role she was thought leader of major international projects for Schouten Global and trained the global faculty. Anje-Marijcke became involved as a psychologist and coach with Team Brunel during the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015. The skipper Bouwe Bekking's team took second place after a difficult start and the crew members praised the work of Anje-Marijcke during the race preparation and in all stopovers. In addition to her role as Director Coaching, Anje-Marijcke has been working from her own company as a speaker and team coach since February 2016 and was asked by Team Brunel as a coach in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018. A large and diverse team that will have to make a lot of internal changes, that is a challenge! Team Brunel has its breakthrough halfway through the race, creates a chance of winning and finally comes third The Hague. During the race, Anje-Marijcke also decides to set her course further and since 2018 she has been working entirely from her own company.


As an organizational psychologist, Anje-Marijcke works internationally as a speaker and executive coach in leadership, team and organizational development. She guides leaders and teams in navigating through this VUCA world. In particular in business, and sometimes also in top sport. Her compass vision focuses on potential; according to Anje-Marijcke the engine of steep learning curves, optimum performance and maneuverability. Anje-Marijcke publishes regularly. In 2015 her book "Gold, potential development for people and the organizations in which they work" was published and in 2017 "Game of Gold" In 2018 the book "A sea change, Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean race" was published, with photos by Oswald Schwirtz (


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