Anice Das

Anice Das

Professional skater

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  • Energetic
  • Motivation
  • Cultural differences

About Anice Das

Every year, Anice Das made steps to get closer and closer to the Dutch top. In five years she climbed from the top 15 to the top 3 in the Netherlands. Eventually she participated in the Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018. Also, Anice won silver twice at the Dutch Championships Sprint. Anice looks back on a great career which ended at the beginning of March 2020, she will always remain enterprising, retaining and independent.

Everyone wants to train hard, but it's just as important to leave a lot for it

Why Anice Das Book as a speaker ?

Anice is available as a speaker and for interviews to talk about several subjects; growing step by step to the top, dealing with setbacks (private and sports), adoption & top sports. She also incorporates her experiences during her studies Pedagogy into her story.


In December 1985, Anice and her twin sister Savida were born in Bombay, India. Half a year later they were adopted by Karel and Ria, a Dutch couple. The first years they lived in Amersfoort, in the year 1991 they moved to a dutch place called Assen. Through primary school, Anice started speedskating in 1995. After secondary school, in 2004 Anice moved with her family to Heerenveen. Next to speedskating, Anice also graduated from university as a pedagogue. Her development in the field of speedskating often went in small steps. From the pupils to the juniors Anice always performed on average. The last year at the juniors Anice got her first podium place at the 1000m. Anice her first years as a senior, she started somewhere at the bottom but over the years she got closer and closer to the top ten and top five. She won silver twice at the Dutch Championships Sprint. Eight years ago Anice qualified for the World Cup races and eventually for World Championships Sprint and World Single Distances Speed Skating Championships. Internationally top five rankings were not reached, but Anice was always working hard towards that goal. Winning the 500m at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament brought Anice to the Olympics, which was the highlight in her career. After the Olympic Games, Anice and her sister went back to her hometown Bombay for the first time. In March 2020 Anice Das ended her skating career.

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  • Olympic Athlete 2018
  • Second place on the Dutch National Championships 2017 and 2018
  • Third place on the Dutch National Single Distances Speed Skating Championships 2016

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